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Please find below a care guide that has been put together to offer you advice on how to keep your wooden tray looking beautiful. 

We use quality reclaimed timber, which has been kiln dried to remove any excess moisture, however as wood is a natural product when it settles in a new home, it will absorb the elements in its surroundings, which may cause the timbers to expand or contract.

With the right TLC, our reclaimed timber trays can last for years. Our pieces are not exempt from the effects of ageing, but nothing makes a piece of rustic furniture look more unique than time.

  • Always use coasters and mats when placing hot drinks and food onto your waxed tray

  • In the event of an accidental spill, do not panic! Simply wipe away any spillages with a damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid staining

  • Avoid use of all-purpose cleaning sprays and spray polishes that contain silicones

  • Avoid placing your tray near heat sources such as radiators or open fires, as this will damage the wood and cause it to bend, shrink or crack

  • Avoid leaving your tray in direct sunlight as this can lead to the wood drying out and fading, which will increase the appearance of cracks and shrinkage 

  • When writing, avoid your pen making impressions by using a pad underneath your sheet of paper

  • When using your tray on a fabric footstool, because our trays have a wax finish, there is a possibility that some of the wax could transfer onto the fabric of your footstool over time. To prevent this, we recommend placing a cloth or throw underneath the tray.

The best way to nourish and protect your tray is through waxing it. The beauty of wax is that it allows the natural variations of reclaimed wood to come through.

Well nourished wood will increase the lifespan of your tray and maintain its natural beauty.

We would recommend that at least a monthly wax for the first 3 months will be needed, as the wood acclimatises to the heat of your home. 

After this, waxing every other month should be fine.  

Caring for your Purchase?: FAQ
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